Welcome Home to the KBA Culture

KBA Custom is a company born for three purposes:

  1. To design and supply fellow shooters with high quality custom products
  2. To create a Culture, or a community identity, for fellow shooters who cherish our tradition of firearm ownership; and to enable them to boldly proclaim that we hold dear the unique right and privilege of citizens of the United States of America to Keep and Bear Arms.
  3. To raise funds to benefit organizations that help fight for our firearm rights, provide youth marksmanship training and education, and provide support to our Veterans.

The Challenge

It seems that with every passing day the news is filled with more stories of the alleged evil of guns, the negligence and incompetence of their owners, and the damage done by both.  The politicians and the media seem to be joining forces to try to limit or even completely strip us of our rights.  What would we do without the NRA to stand fast against this de-evolution of freedom?  We don’t have to explain to you any further how our society seems to be turning against nearly all of our time honored traditions.  You’ve seen it.  You are living it…just like we are.

The Opportunity

As members of the KBA Culture, we are here to band together to spread our message to as many people as will listen, while we help raise funds for those on the front lines of the legal and political fights.  Our hope is that we might revive the public’s enthusiasm for our centuries’ old shooting traditions, and reverse the slide of the public’s opinion that all guns and gun owners are accidents waiting to happen. 

Our core beliefs are:

  • Thanks to the wisdom of our forefathers, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, we can keep and bear arms simply because we have the right and the desire
  • With this right, we are morally obligated to always use them safely and lawfully
  • Shooting can be a source of great fun and fellowship
  • We are teachers and ambassadors to youth and open-minded non-shooters, to help them learn to respect and operate firearms safely
  • We owe a great debt to those Veterans past and present, as well as those whose serve in our Military and Law Enforcement.

We believe that we can join together to publicly represent this set of values and our Culture that we truly cherish…that we truly believe is the way things should be.  We can find ways to promote this message while standing up firmly for what we believe in.  We can symbolize the very best of what the founding fathers had in mind, and we can do it tastefully and lawfully. 

The Strategy

We are committed to making a positive difference.  In addition to personally sharing our core beliefs with others, we can provide financial assistance to select non-profit organizations that share our values.  We are very thankful for the many organizations across this country that have made it their goal to further our rights and traditions, but they still have much work to do.  We have partnered with several such organizations, and they are found on the Our Heroes page. To raise funds for Our Heroes, KBA Custom has pledged to give 1% of the sales price of every product we sell to benefit these organizations. 

The money raised will go to benefit organizations including the NRA, Veterans’ groups, and programs that promote youth marksmanship.  These avenues are what we feel would be the best use of our money since it benefits those who have fought for our freedom, those who are fighting for our freedom, and those who will grow up to do both. 

The Invitation

Many of us had childhoods filled with fond memories of hunting and shooting adventures with friends and family.  Those cherished memories should motivate us all to take the time to teach someone from the next generation to respect firearms and the outdoors, as well as learn the discipline it takes to fire accurately.  When you happen to find someone who didn’t have the privilege of growing up shooting, perhaps extend an invitation to them for a day at the range.  We’ve found that if you take someone shooting who hasn’t shot before, the odds are good you’ll make them a shooter for life.

We believe Veterans’ groups deserve our utmost attention and respect, and we really want to help.  These brave men and women have given so much for us.  We should always take every chance we get to thank a Veteran for taking up arms in the real battles for freedom around the world.

Finally, the NRA can always use every penny we can spare.  We are lifetime members here at KBA Custom and realize like you that they really are fighting the good fight on our behalf…and there has certainly been no shortage of fights in recent years.

We will keep you posted with updates on how you are making a difference, as well as other opportunities to help ensure our way of life continues for generations.  We sincerely hope we will be able to make a difference and not only help those who help us, but also give a kid a chance to experience the joy of shooting straight!

We would love to hear your comments, ideas, or suggestions.  Without your help, our KBA Culture cannot grow. 

Join us and show your support for our right to Keep & Bear Arms.

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