Custom Shop

When shooting, hunting, or attending a match, our team is constantly focused on developing new products.  We are always on the lookout for ideas that push the shooting envelope in terms of accuracy, reliability, and speed.

Have an idea?  If you have something in mind that you can’t seem to find anywhere else, or no one makes for your particular application, please contact us.  We would like to discuss what you’re looking for and see if we can design and build it for you. 

It could be a brand new idea, or it could be a different size or particular application of an existing product on the market.  For example, if you need one of our products adapted to a specific application, contact us.  Or if you need a particular accessory for a certain firearm that no one makes, let’s talk about it.

We are your custom shop.  Let us know what we can design for you! 

We are knowledgeable in many different materials and manufacturing processes including additive manufacturing (3D printing) and 3D scanning.  Note that at this time, we do not yet have the licensing in place to manufacture firearms, or NFA items such as suppressors or suppressor-related mounts or accessories.

The best way to contact the Custom Shop is to use the Contact form on this page, and be sure to select “Custom Build” as the service requested.

Below are just a few examples of the custom products we have manufactured.

McMillan A5 saddle-cheekpiece replacement

The original saddle style cheekpiece that McMillan installed on the A5 stock pushed your face way too far away from the scope’s axis (too much cast on).  So we custom molded and shaped a plastic comb for the stock with just the right amount of cast off for a comfortable cheek weld, while remaining height adjustable.  Then we textured and painted to match.  It’s even reversible for shooting left handed.  We have considered adding this to our product line, but we’re just not sure of the demand, especially since McMillan has vastly improved the adjustable comb selections on their fine stocks.

saddle-comb-1 saddle-comb-2 saddle-comb-3 cheekpiece-3

Removable lightweight hunting rifle comb

Similar to the McMillan, we needed to adjust the fit of the stock by increasing the height of the comb on this Winchester Extreme Weather’s stock (a Bell and Carlson model).  The result was a lightweight, molded and custom shaped plastic comb that is quickly removable with two screws.

cheekpiece-1 cheekpiece-2 cheekpiece-4

Case annealing machine

We didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an annealing machine that required us to spend even more money to be able to anneal different calibers. So we threw together our own. The intent was to develop a machine that used a common interface for any caliber we wanted to anneal. We don’t anneal hundreds of pieces at a time, but instead run small batches of 25 to 100 pieces for our precision long range loads. So this fits the bill since it is simple and quick to set up.

We are currently working on a very simplified annealer loosely based on this machine that will be an inexpensive option to the current selection of very expensive annealers on the market, yet provide very precise control of annealing temperature and time.


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