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SCAR 17S Muzzle Shoulder Ring

This precision shoulder Ring solves all of the issues with fitting muzzle devices and suppressors to the FN SCAR 17S rifle. Due to the small shoulder available on the SCAR 17S barrel from the factory, there are a very limited number of muzzle devices and mounts that will work properly. This ring increases the size of the shoulder by precisely bearing against the small factory shoulder. It also reduces the length of the muzzle threads to 0.60”, allowing any device or suppressor to be properly mounted. Shim kits and 5/8” peel washers can also be used to properly index muzzle brakes.


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Tavor Muzzle Shoulder Ring

This precision shoulder Ring is designed for the Tavor SAR rifle. The factory shoulder available on the Tavor is undersize, and the existing threads are too long for most muzzle devices. In addition, the factory check-nut that is provided with the rifle is known to cause alignment issues if used to support suppressors or their muzzle devices (due to the check-nut not having parallel faces).


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